Friday, 2 May 2008

The Agitated Dog Blog

This is going to be about photography. Maybe some other things might sneak in, but mostly about photography. Call me old fashioned, but specifically it's going to be about film photography. The thing is, I'm more than a little bored by 'digital capture' and photoshop. I'm not anti-digital, it's just that much of the time I prefer using old film cameras. So this is about old cameras, shooting film, developing B&W in the kitchen sink, fixing old cameras, and slide shows on real slide projectors. Also since I've just had to dismantle my darkroom, I've renewed my quest for the ultimate digital print from scanned film. All for minimal cash. That's important. So there are no Leicas here. Neither are any overpriced cult toy cameras. My cameras are all auction site bargains. I refuse to get into bidding wars. I buy film as cheaply as possible. I use the most economical chemicals. I cringe every time I have to pay for developing.

So, who's with the agitated dog? That's Archie the border collie, who barks his head off whenever I'm developing film. Seems he doesn't like the noises from the tank when I agitate the developer. He barks for 10 seconds every minute until I'm done. Always has and always will. He is the agitated dog, always at my side when I'm developing film. Here, he shows he's quite happy to help package up a roll of Kodachrome. He's not so happy when I'm doing DIY B&W....

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Anonymous said...

By the way, DM, I love the story about Archie and the blog name... :-)