Thursday, 25 June 2009

'Guexposing' Cheap Film

A while ago, a relative handed me two 'free' Truprint films that they weren't ever going to use. Truprint is one of those consumer labs that give you a free film each time you send one in. They, the relies, had found some exposed films in a drawer and sent them in for processing and, well, I got the free film. Two rolls. The film is probably Ferrania Solaris 200, which I wouldn't usually use, but hey, it's free, so I might as well give it a go. Roll one went in my Olympus 35RC. The results, processed and scanned by Peak, were, well, dull. Dull, cold colours, not very sharp. Just what I expected really.

Cothele. Olympus 35RC / Truprint 200 film

So, what to do with the second roll? Putting it in the bin seemed a good idea, but not much fun. I wanted a challenge, so the Truprint film went in the Pentax MX and the camera's batteries came out. I'm shooting it meterless, so to speak. I mean, how much of this matrix metering technology do we really need anyway? Doesn't print film have a really wide latitude? Let's see if this sunny 16 rule actually works. So now I've finished the film, but don't really want to pay Peak's prices for something that, lets face it, isn't going to come out to well. I'd picked up a Truprint mail-in envelope from a motorway service station a couple of weeks back and thought that if it's their film, they should be able to get the best from it. Trouble is, if they process it, they'll send me another film... but I ticked the little box to upgrade my film to Kodak. Wooo hooo! Kodak ColorPlus 200 what ever that is. I've never see that anywhere else... I'm eagerly awaiting the prints back from the lab.

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