Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Got Prints

I like prints. That's why I used to have a darkroom. So, after Truprint bombarded me with offers of free digital prints I decided to give them a go. I uploaded a varied bunch of jpgs, some from EOS digital cameras, some from film scans. A couple of Kodachrome scans, some PanF+ from a point & shoot, some Delta 400 from my Nikon FE, and Neopan 400 and Astia shot in the Rolleicord. The prints were all 6x4 glossies, except the Rollei shots which were square so I ordered 7x5s, hoping to cut them down to 5x5 as Truprint don't offer square prints. So how did it go?

Slowly... I ordered them on a Tuesday, and they arrived here at Agitated HQ on the following Monday. I've posted film to be developed on a Tuesday before now and had the results back by Friday, so not impressed by the speed then. But the prints look pretty good. Colour looks good, pretty close to how they look on my screen and at 9p a print, I'm quite happy. The black & white shots, especially the teddy bear shot above, a scan from Delta 400, are really nice. Fuji Crystal Archive paper is never going to look as nice as real black & white paper, but even so, for the cost, it's as I said, pretty good. These are all shots that have appeared in my pbase galleries, and I think they look considerably better as a 6x4 print than they do as a 600px jpg on the web. But, hey, they should right? And they are way ahead of anything I ever got out of an inkjet. I'm not going to scan and post here, so you'll have to take my word for it. 

Except... well there's always an except. This time there's two. The squre files got cropped to fill. There's no option to 'fill' or 'fit' to the print size, so if you want to trim down to square, enlarge the canvas to the print size in Photosh*p first. Secondly one of the prints has had what looks like some weird local contrast adjustment that wasn't on the file I sent. I'll reserve judgement on that until I've sen the same file printed elsewhere.

So that's small prints from Truprint, not bad, but next stop, SnapMad.com

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