Monday, 19 May 2008


I'm trying to get my '64 VW back on the road. It shouldn't take much. I'm hoping that it's just a matter of charging of the battery an oil change and brake adjustment plus the legal bits of an MoT test and insurance. So I Google 'car insurance' and find a company that's doing low milage classic car cover and get a quote. They had a nice pic of an old VW wheel so took that as a good sign. A chrome wheel like I have on my VW. In fact, my wheels are exactly like that. I've taken similar pictures too. Wait a minute, that *is* my picture. The nerve! I checked back through my files and there's no mistake. I have the original uncropped raw file version, plus 3 other versions from the same set. They've nicked my pic!

I've fired off an email to them, but as yet have had no reply. I've got no experience of this as people stealing my work have usually been from different countries. But here we have a local I can chase! I'm hoping for a discount on some insurance at least, but insurance companies are very good at wriggling out of payouts.

I'll report back with any progress...

Update Tuesday 20th May:
No reply from the insurance company, but my image has been removed. Surprise surprise! I've emailed them again asking where I should send my invoice. I'm not expecting to hear from them. But I did receive a printed version of their quote for the VW in the mail this morning... I'm not so sure I want to take a policy out with them...

Update Tuesday 22st May:
The company have responded asking for proof - which was easy as I have the uncropped raw file and agreed to pay.

Update 9th June:
Just got back from holiday (shooting Provia 100F if you're wondering) to find a check on the doormat. Insurance companies can be honorable!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, at the least the person/company that set up their website is unscrupulous. Whether the company is as well, who knows?