Sunday, 28 June 2009

Margaret at Nineteen

Margaret at Nineteen
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Whilst on the subject of Kodachrome, Dad just posted this wonderful pic of Mum (Margaret) on Flickr that he took around the time they got married in 1958. It was of course, taken on Kodachrome, the original 12 ASA stuff, a few years before Kodak brought out the faster Kodachrome II (25ASA) & Kodachrome X(64ASA). This is the true magic of the film. It still looks fabulous. I can't imagine any other colour film of the day looking this good when it was taken, let alone 51 years on. Kodachrome was the best, and doesn't Mum look great! Thanks for shooting Kodachrome, Dad!

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Anonymous said...

This looks great and she looks great... and what is the likelyhood that anything we've shot on digital will still be around after as long?