Saturday, 4 July 2009

No more free film

I got the prints back from Truprint. These are the ones I shot with guessed exposures on a roll of Truprint 'free' film. And you know what? They all came out. But the bigger shock is that, along with my prints my loose, un-sleeved negs and my 'upgraded' Kodak film was a note that Truprint are no longer giving away free films:

From 22nd June 2009 TRUPRINT will no longer offer FREE FILM due to increased postage costs and the decline in film use. An alternative will be offered if you use a 'free film' envelope but credit will not be given. EFFECTIVE 2ND JUNE 2009"

I don't really care, I wouldn't choose to use their film, but it does amount to a huge price hike. Dev & print inc free film was £2.79 with the 'introductory' envelope I picked up at a service station. Now it's £2.99 dev & print + £1 postage + £1.99 for a film. That's £5.98 a massive 87% rise! Still much cheaper than Peak Imaging, but if you don't want the prints, there's not much in it. Looking at the prices for a 36 exp film, Peak comes in at £5.51 and Truprint at £4.99.

I have a feeling that Truprint are trying to get out of the film business. I'll go with Peak!

More on the 'guessed exposure' film soon.

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