Friday, 31 July 2009

Cameras are too complicated

Very nice, but we weren't married on 23rd in the land of the midnight sun..

It's official. Even Ken Rockwell agrees. Pretty much every new camera feature invented since the '80's is unnecessary and make cameras too hard for normal people to understand. Take my mum and her camera. She has a dinky little Nikon point & shoot digital. But every photo she's ever taken has the time and date imprinted on it. Worse, the date and time are wrong. She doesn't know how to turn it off or how to correct the date. The settings are all buried in complicated menus on a screen that's hard to read. So the date imprint stays and the pictures she took at my wedding show the wrong date. If that's not bad enough, all those useless features take too much power and so she's constantly buying new batteries. Rechargeables don't last long enough, and all that battery money could be spent instead on film for an easy to use 35mm Olympus mju or similar. Ah but what about digital's instant results? Oh come on, are we still so excited by that? Hmmppph.

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