Thursday, 3 February 2011

Back after a break: The New Team

A lot has happened. Poor Archie, the original Agitated dog is no longer with us. He died almost a year ago today. Towards the end, he was less and less agitated. Deafness stopped the poor fellah joining in with the film agitation, and my developing sessions became quiet affairs. He was succeeded by JD, who gets very agitated when someone comes to the door, but is fairly indifferent to the slosh-clunk-slosh sounds of the dev tank. Archie's companion Rosie also passed on last year, and a new puppy, Lola joined the team a few weeks later. I've yet to develop a film in her company, but it won't be long. Spring is coming at that's the time to get out there and start shooting film again!
JD's a great studio dog. Just sits and waits while I play with the cameras.

Lola in relaxed mood.

So, I'm back with the blog thing and have some plans for some fun projects. Watch this blog!

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