Monday, 21 February 2011

Multi Exposure Fumblings

I'd seen some examples of overlapping multi-exposure panoramas. Mostly done with Holgas, but a few with various other vintage folders too. I thought I'd have a go. The key requirements are a film wind separate to the shutter cocking mechanism so you can wind a bit, fire, pan a bit, shooting between the frames. It's not about precision. My Agfa Isolette is ideal and infact the only camera I own that can do it. Not as easy as it sounds, and I was disappointed by attempts until I introduced a bit of colour in PS. Yeah I know.
There are 3 overlapping exposures in the example above, I think 6 in the one below. Anyway I liked a couple of them enough to maybe try it again. This is HP5 developed in Rodinal, maybe I'll try colour film next time and not resort to the evil post processing!
Taking this further, there's is a technique that's become known as microclicks. I've not really tried for that here, but Google it. There are some great examples out there.

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