Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I want your old cameras!

Yes, I'm asking you to send me your old film cameras. I know you all have them stuck at the back of a cupboard, and I know you're never going to use them again. Be honest, you know that too. What I'm after is anything made up until around the mid '70s. Ilfords, Agfas, Kodaks, Voigtländers, Konica Pop? 35mm, 120, 127, whatever, working or not. You know the sort of thing, the ones made before the days of motor winds and zoom lenses. But heck, even if you have a Nikon F100 you just have to donate, send them to me!! Why? Well the working ones can be fun to try out and the broken ones can be either be fixed or they can donate parts to daft projects. This Poor Ilford Sportsman 300 for example, has selflessly given its shutter to a pinhole camera I built. It cost 99p from the 'bay, so don't go thinking I'll be making a fortune selling them on. So what have you got? I'll be sure to give you a credit when they turn up here in the Agitated Dog. Go on, send me a camera. Oh go on, please!

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