Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ilford in Out-of-Stock horror

I'm out of b&w in 120 format. I have been for a while, and hadn't got round to ordering any and I need some to try the re-engineered Foth Pinhole. Well, I was in Plymouth today and thought I'd drop in to London Camera Exchange and pick up some HP5 or Delta 400 or whatever they might have. I know it's cheaper online, but I thought I'd try supporting a local shop for a change. It's a great little shop. Always have boxes of Ilford paper on the shelves, along side stocks of film and a window full of second hand gear. Worth the extra to support a proper photographic shop. But you know what? They were out of stock! They had a big order from Ilford coming in the next day. Trouble is I'm not in town for a while and a 50 mile round trip is a bit much for a few rolls of film. I suppose I could have tried Jessops, but meh, don't have the same warm fuzzy glow for them. Out of stock! I hate when this happens.

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